Saturday, January 9, 2010


It has been forever since I have updated this thing. Someone had just emailed me and reminded me that I actually had a blog! (Thanks unnamed source!)

So to start things off, I have my fall pattern making final. It was supposed to start out being a wedding dress but transformed into more of a garden party dress. I would attribute most of that to my choice of fabric and it's length. (By the way, if it looks out of proportion that would be because it is a quarter size dress form).

This was my initial sketch. I apologize that the dress looks almost nothing like the sketch, but I put off making the pattern until the last minute. Back in the day when it was going to be a wedding dress I was going to do sort of horizontal princess seams and alternate using a satin faced organza and a plain weave organza to create some interest.

There will me more to come from this semester in the coming days. (Hopefully!)

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