Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fabric Freakout!

I had to geek out about one of my favorite places to buy fabric! Recently my favorite fabric store -- fashion affair -- went out of business. One of the former employees had opened up shop in half of where the store used to be; it's called Yellow Bird Fabrics.

Amy, the owner has some great stuff there. She has some wonderful cottons, silks, lace, you name it. The type of stuff you can't find anywhere else in Utah. I took some pictures so you could see some of the neat stuff she has. (And to give her the business that she deserves) :)

Store Front

She crocheted all of the trim on the shirt and skirt out
of a bamboo viscose knit (It is really soft, the thing
you would want to make t-shirts out of) One of the many
things you can buy there.

The bottom piece of silk is probably one of my favorite things
in the store right now. She is selling it by the panel, I think it would
make a great scarf.

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