Friday, January 30, 2009

Sewing Skills

This is a basic pattern block I made for my friend Zoe.
This was an experiment that I did with draping. I liked the fabric so much that I just started to play with it when I got home and this is what became of it.

This red dress is one of the first things I designed, I also designed the pattern from a pattern making kit.

This bolero was the first thing I had designed. I had made the pattern incorrectly, however, it is still a fun piece to wear.

I did not use a pattern for this, I just used my dress form to help me make it.

I made this form a vintage Butterick pattern. It is fully lined. The workmanship is so well done inside and out that people often ask me where I bought it.

I adapted a Vogue pattern to make this. The covered button at the top is appliqued on, there is topstitching detail all over the skirt, french seams, and the band on the bottom and sides was my idea. This is another one which people ask me where I bought it.

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  1. Wonderful sketches, Kathleen! I hope this goes somewhere for you!